Our Vision

Fostering the Spirit behind the Urban village


It’s a place for living life – for all of us, whoever we are. There’s a sense of community about the place, and there’s life on the streets.

We connect across our differences. We yarn with our friends on the verge, and nod at strangers who are walking by. And people walk by alot. Because our homes, businesses, parks and entertainment are all just a walk away.

Whoever you are: you’re safe; you’re welcome; and life will feel richer here.


That’s the Leederville we love. That’s the Leederville we envisage. That’s the Leederville we’re creating.

We enable projects and events that allow people to connect, knowing that the best way to do that is to do stuff together.

We Are…


We advocate for all of Leederville – not just our members. This includes people who might otherwise face exclusion.

Supporting urban innovation

We are excited about the possibilities that come with the unexpected use and repurposing of urban space.

Advocating smart

As we influence the development of Leederville, we make sure that we advocate ourselves first.

Positive and Engaged

We don’t whinge – we are positive about development that makes Leederville more Leederville.


As a group that involves Leederville residents, businesses and those that love Leederville, we know that there are diverse interests. We start from the place where we agree and use that to talk about space where we don’t. We don’t identify with any political party or particular ideology.

This is Leederville

For our full vision, please visit the following link  – Leederville Connect Vision

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