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Henry Hiccups

Henry Hiccups

Business: Henry Hiccups

Category: Shop

Address: 133 Oxford Street, Leederville

Phone: 08 9242 2225



Socials: Facebook | Instagram

Henry Hiccups is an old-fashioned toy store that has been bringing joy to Oxford Street since 2013.

When owners Elsa and Trent decided to open up a traditional toy store, they also came up with the character Henry Hiccups – a giraffe who hiccups so much he couldn’t become an astronaut as the hiccups would use up all the oxygen. Instead Henry opened up a toy store where he now delights children of all ages.

Henry Hiccups specialises in handcrafted and unique toys. Elsa and Trent spend a lot of time researching their products and looking at factors such as durability, longevity, and the educational benefit of the toy. You’ll find soft toys, books, spinning tops, kites, portable wooden train and car sets, toy planes, and much, much more.

Come say Hi to Elsa and Trent, and discover toys your child will love and christ forever.