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Leederville Connect is about bringing together passionate local people, vendors, government and community groups to keep Leederville’s unique identity alive and thriving! Our work includes economic development, design and activation of the Leederville town centre and streets, while encouraging a strong community spirit. We are proud to be one of the pioneering Town Teams that Western Australia is now famous for in place-based planning and community practices. Leederville Connect is a purely volunteer-run non-profit group who get things done out of passion for our village.

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The DESIGN Group focuses on influencing and providing leadership about City structure and urban form, particularly the operation, shape, form, style, and feel of Leederville.


Fun, friendships and festivity! Leederville Connect’s ACTIVATIONS Committee is all about bringing our community together and our town centre to life.


Our COMMUNICATIONS team work to keep everyone up to date on the latest news, events and other offerings around Leederville.


Our BUSINESS group aim to keep our local economy thriving. Working together to maintain a unique mix of retail, food and beverage and services


 Church house, share house, school house, family homes! Our STREETS team bring our suburban areas to life and connect the community that call Leederville home.

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Local Feature Stories

Luna Leederville

Local Feature Stories

Henry Hiccups

Local Feature Stories


About Leederville

Home to some of Perth’s best cafes, restaurants, bars and shops, our beloved Leederville may be small but she is fierce!

Fun, quirky and active, the past couple of years has seen new life injected into the Leedy strip, making us fall in love with this hip little hood all over again.


Latest News

EATerville 11th – 20th October

Leederville Connect and City of Vincent invite you to the 10 day community food and drink festival to showcase the 50 plus food businesses located within the streets of Leederville. Full list of events can be found here

LeedyPalooza 2019

LeedyPalooza is BACK! The award-winning event is returning for its second year, filling the streets of Leederville this February...

Next Jane’s Walk – Sunday 16th of December 2018

Jane’s Walk – This is a great event to learn about your town Leederville. Leederville Connect is holding our second Leedy-Style “Jane’s Walk”...