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Map & Survey

Map & Survey

LeedyLife Map & Survey


Have you say! Jump into the map below to:

1. Check out and respond to other people’s comments and ideas

2. Add your own comments and ideas (look for ‘add comment’ at the top)

3. Complete the short survey (look for ‘Tell us of your experience’ on the left)

There’s no deadline to add your comments, but the sooner you contribute, the sooner ideas can come to life. If you’d like to be part of taking action and shaping the future of Leederville, join as a member.

Thanks for contributing to the map and survey. Your contribution helps us all learn more about people out in the community - that includes Leederville residents, workers, business owners, students, regular visitors, and those who just love Leedy. The ideas generated through the map and survey will help shape future activities, programs, events and advocacy to make Leederville better every day!