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Housing for All

Housing For All

Even though Leederville is cool and groovy everybody should still be able to live there.

There are lots of different solutions that need to be explored in Leederville.

We need to build places that fit the demographic of people who want to live there, not just what the top end of the market can pay for.

We need secure, financially stabilised housing for students, creatives, key workers, and the disadvantaged and have this embodied into planning provisions.

Alternatives are also available in the types of buildings such as greater use of shared facilities such as laundries, replacing parking with shared vehicles, smaller houses and apartments in exchange for better social and community spaces.

Everybody has a role to play. Alternative investment models such as cooperatives, not-for-profit investment, impact investment, housing associations,  can also fill the gap the the current market is missing.

It’s a sad situation but gentrification kills the funky parts of a city.

People with lots of resources want to buy into the cool and groovy places. But their purchasing power pushes up the rent and house prices.

Without adequate and affordable housing; students, creatives, key workers, the aged and disadvantaged people are forced out. But these are the very people that make a city feel human, creative and amazing.

Once these people leave, the cities loose their vibrance and diversity, innovation declines and the local economy stalls.

While the housing and development industry sees ever increasing housing prices and attraction of high net worth individuals as a success story, in reality it is not a good long term outcome.

Leederville needs innovative and enlightened developers to develop better offerings than what is currently occuring.

Leederville Connect is a civil society organisation, where everything is done by community, for community.

We have a really broad idea of community; for us it’s about bringing together residents, businesses, property owners and visitors. Our bottom line is – “it’s about ‘we’, not me”. We support each other and the rest of the community to make Leederville amazing. We are proud to be one of the pioneering Town Teams that Western Australia is now famous for in place-based planning and community practices.

Our mandate is ‘the Commons’ – those places and things in our cities from which everybody benefits but traditionally nobody takes responsibility. The Commons are where we meet in the street, the culture we create between us, the vibe of our place, the blurred lines between public spaces and private places.

We provide the opportunity for people to shape Leederville and draw on its history of innovation and creativity to continue exploring, experimenting, and inventing the future of this place. As a vibrant, connected, inner-city urban village, Leederville offers us a platform to test ideas for the future of society; one that is sustainable, resilient, and thriving. Our community works with developers, local government, businesses, and other citizens to co-create this future. You can read about our Vision here.

Want to know more about Leederville, the place? Discover Leederville here.

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