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Water Corporation Drain

Water Corporation Drain

The Water Corp drain could become a new, living public space and green spine through the heart of Leederville.

A Walking Link through Leederville

There is the potential to turn the Water Corp drain into a living access route and greenspace spine through the heart of the new developments in Leederville, including – 40 Frame Court, City Carparks, etc.

A Green Walkway

By creating an arboretum/green cover walkway between the heart of Leederville and Water Corporation building Leederville will get a new axis of operation without the need for cars.

This walkway will allows the developments that occur alongside it to leverage off, and contribute to, its living green space.

Image: Fish Lane Development in Brisbane. Image credit Scott Burrows Photography.

Tell the Story and Purify the Water

The drain was once a life-giving connection across the wetlands along the Swan River important to the Whadjuk Noongar people.

Then Perth was built on top of the wetlands and the stream was buried in a drain. Sadly the design of the drain, and  ownership of the surrounding land, makes it impossible to restore the stream back to what it was.

However, in consultation with the Whadjuk people to determine what is an appropriate response to this injustice,  it may be possible to bring some of  the water from the drain to the surface using renewable energy pumping,  and channel it through sculptural features and green spaces along the walkway, to partially purify it for reintroduction into the Swan River. Retaining existing underground drain will allow for peak flood flow in winter.

Leederville Microgrid

To support the Renewable Energy Zone the Drain easement may be able to be used as a cable location to connect the various buildings into the Leederville microgrid.

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We have a really broad idea of community; for us it’s about bringing together residents, businesses, property owners and visitors. Our bottom line is – “it’s about ‘we’, not me”. We support each other and the rest of the community to make Leederville amazing. We are proud to be one of the pioneering Town Teams that Western Australia is now famous for in place-based planning and community practices.

Our mandate is ‘the Commons’ – those places and things in our cities from which everybody benefits but traditionally nobody takes responsibility. The Commons are where we meet in the street, the culture we create between us, the vibe of our place, the blurred lines between public spaces and private places.

We provide the opportunity for people to shape Leederville and draw on its history of innovation and creativity to continue exploring, experimenting, and inventing the future of this place. As a vibrant, connected, inner-city urban village, Leederville offers us a platform to test ideas for the future of society; one that is sustainable, resilient, and thriving. Our community works with developers, local government, businesses, and other citizens to co-create this future. You can read about our Vision here.

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