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Kid’s Mountain Bike Track

Kid’s Mountain Bike Track

A place for kids to freely play outside

Nestled along the border of Britannia Park is a little hidden gem for kids of all ages to enjoy – the Britannia Park Mountain Bike track for children.

The Britannia Park pump track is part of the Pop Up Play Program and was built by members of the community, mountain bikers and the council. The Pop Up Play program is part of the City’s Youth Action Plan to create more youth-friendly spaces, particularly for older children.

The area was designed to attract junior mountain bike enthusiasts and also as a place for children to play freely outside amongst nature. With purposely left loose logs, piles of sand and limestone throughout the area for children to manipulate the space to build new tracks and cubbies. The logs placed around the track have also been seen to lend themselves to dog parkour and conditioning, too!

The loop under the trees has a range of small mountain biking elements. It’s a great introduction to mountain biking for kids. The track is large enough for children of all abilities to find a space that is fun and accessible to them. This track is a fantastic free activity for children to spend time with friends and ride their bikes and attracts families from other suburbs to visit the area.

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Photos: City of Vincent.

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