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Leederville Design Workshops

Leederville Design Workshops

Leederville Connect’s DESIGN group (LC DESIGN) hosted a workshop of more than twenty designers, developers, business owners and community members to design the future layout of Leederville.

Vice Chair of Leederville Connect, Dr David Galloway, facilitated the workshop. “By starting with user experience (UX), we took a different approach to typical planning and architectural consultation processes” said David. “Normally these consultations focus on specific blocks of land and talk about the height and size of buildings. We focused on the spaces between building and what people actually need in a vibrant and alive urban village”.

The Leederville UX workshop is another of LC DESIGN’s activities providing thought leadership about the shape, style and feel of Leederville. It also provides a forum where we can have difficult conversations about what we want Leederville to become as development occurs.

“Our objective is to recognise that development is occurring, use this to create some major urban design interventions in Leederville. We want to make the place a living exemplar of sustainable and resilient urbanism, with a funk factor that goes through the roof” said Dr Galloway.